The CloudCo Partner platform is designed for rapid provisionng of cloud resources. Standard settings are configured to be optimal for most workloads, but further configuration exists for specialised needs.

Setting Boot Options

Boot Options can be set:

  1. When an Instance is being created with the Advanced Create popup. These settings are under the Boot options section

  2. When an Instance is created, by clicking the ⚙ Actions button next to the Instance in the Instances screen under Compute, and selecting Boot Options

BIOS Options

WARNING: If an Instance has been created with the Quick Create popup, it is advised not to alter this setting. Changes may result in an unbootable Instance.

Instances can be configured to boot from the following sources:

Source Description
Disk a storage disk provisioned on the platform (default)
Network using PXE
CD-ROM a storage disk that has been written from an ISO created from another instance. Refer to CD-ROM Disks in the Storage section for details.

Automatic Restart

In the event of an Instance shutting down, the CloudCo Partner platform can be configured to automatically restart. This may be useful to maintain uptime, though for certain workloads you may require the Instance to remain offline to perform checks.

Instances can be set to automatically restart with the following options:

Option Description
On Shutdown reboot if the platform detects an Instance being shut down internally
On Restart reboot if the platform detects an Instance being restart internally
On Crash reboot if the platform detects an Instance crashing internally

On Shutdown and On Restart do not apply to Instances that are shut down or restarted from the Instance ⚙ Actions menu.